Leonardo Transfer of Innovation project F4ESL

Office-fr as sole IT partner of F4ESL Consortium, has accomplished all tasks covering the development, management and implementation of 106 lectures, using an open source platform in 3 languages with the participation of applicants from 55 countries 1200 participants, tracked and reported all courses activities, managed database and executed surveys etc

F4ESL Consortium composition

-Leaded by Kalite Sistem Laboratories Group, Turkey

-Slovenská poľnohospodárska univerzita – Slovak University of Agriculture, Slovakia

-Instituto Tecnológico Agrario de Castilla y León, Spain

-Office-fr IT& Consulting , 

-Turkish Food Safety Association, Turkey

-Аксент Консултинг ЕООД; Accent Consulting Ltd, Bulgaria

-SKY Quality Management, Audit and Consultancy, Turkey

-The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs - General Directorate of Protection and Control, Turkey 

-The Ministry of Agriculture- Food and Veterinary Service, Latvia

-Food Employers' Union of Turkey, Turkey

-Turkish Food Importers Association, Turkey

 F4ESL - From Farm to Fork European Food Safety Legislation Training Programme is an innovative and integrated online training programme on EU Food Safety Legislation ensuring vocational education for stakeholders of food chain via newest learning methods, and is going to be piloted across all European countries in 2 sessions,