Ongoing Project

"Digitaly Literate Teacher On Network" 2015 ERASMUS KA 2 Strategic Partnership Project 2015-1-TR01-KA202-022342​  leaded by Hacettepe University has started: Project duration: 24 months

 The aim of the project is to develop training modules for teachers in service to enhance their digital competences. The modules will be developed according to a model created as an outcome of a previous Comenius project between two of the partners, which provided optimized organization of in-service training for teachers. The modules will be tested in a pilot. Educational institutions still retain their place as key players in preparing the ground for a critical approach to and the sustainable exploitation of our rapidly changing knowledge by future generations. Teachers in service are crucial in creating learners’ critical awareness of the opportunities and challenges of modern utilization of knowledge. If these teachers are not provided with high quality training in line with their duty and function as teachers and educators, they and their institutions run an increasing risk of losing touch with the external environment as well as with those they hope to teach. web: