Ongoing Project

"Digitaly Literate Teacher On Network" 2015 ERASMUS KA 2 Strategic Partnership Project 2015-1-TR01-KA202-022342​  leaded by Hacettepe University has started: Project duration: 24 months

From Farm To Fork EU Food Safety Legislation Training Project

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Certificate Ceremony

F4ESL is a transfer of innovation project under LLP Leonardo da Vinci Program targeting to develop an e-learning training on EU Food Safety Legislation. Five European member countries and a candidate country participated in this project to share their knowledge and experiences on food safety legislation and e-learning technology.. It is transferred from SK/01/B/F/PP-142 243 - Online Distance Learning Module in European Agrarian Law by The Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra.To reward their endeavor the EU decided to fund the project through the Lifelong Learning Program (LLP) “Leonardo da Vinci” (2009-1– TR1–LEO05-08647). We were the sole IT partner in charge of the development implementation and management of 106 lectures.

Third Project Meeting in Vailladolid

The third meeting of the Leonardo Transfer of Innovation project F4esl "distance training on European Food Safety Farm to the Fork" was held in Spain from March 21 to 23 . It has been hosted by Instituto Tecnológico Agrario de Castilla y León (ITACYL) a public research institution re-founded in 2003  by the Government of the Castilla and Leon autonomous region. ITACYL strategic policy is focused actively on three main areas: Food Safety and Quality, Agricultural and Animal Research.

Second Project Meeting in Nitra

Nitra, Slovak University of Agriculture. The Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra is a top educational and scientific institution with main aim to provide students with a university education, drawing on scientific knowledge in agriculture and neighbouring areas, as well as on creative scientific research. SUA is an active participant of numerous national and international scientific and educational projects. Actively is involved in 6,7 FP ,Cost, programmes within the Life Long Leraning Programme, CEEPUS, Visegrad Fund, educational projects financed by Structural Funds, the Erasmus, Erasmus Mundus, The EU-US Atlantis programe, the Jean Monnet programe,etc.

Mobility NL

Mobility project partnership " Vocational Education and New methodologies in Elderly Care" : 010-1-TR1-LEO03-14718. The following have been visited in Netherland.

-Pelemer Care Center For Elderly People

-Welsaen Foundation Social Center to Zaandem

-Amsterdam Medical Center