Nowadays, using and managing technology during eduction and interacting with learners is crucial. Office-fr (brand mark)is a key technology user company with past EU project experiences in the field of e-learning based on new learning methodologies. Research and development activities are focused on training of tutors and educational actors, encouraging them to use learning technology during life long learning. We introduce you to the new learning tools, offer you our expertise on development of e- learning scenarios, learning object development, LMS implementation and management, advanced management of web application, web information mining, filtering and retrieval content and knowledge repositories. 


Office-fr has accomplished as sole IT partner of F4ESL Life Long Learning, Leonardo transfer of innovation project Consortium, all IT tasks covering the development management and implementation of 106 lectures using an open source platform in 3 languages with the participation of applicants from 55 countries 1200 participants, tracked and reported all courses activities, managed database and executed surveys etc. 2009-2011. Immediately, we were invited and took part in several consortia that bid in Brussels, without success. Lastly we were part of the Dli@t Digitally Literate teacher on Networks Erasmus Strategical Partnership project linnovation and goog practice led by the University of Hacettepe from 2015 to 2017.